Saturday, July 3, 2010

Starting over

Well, things for the most part are getting back to normal. With Mike now working and especially enjoying his job, a lot of stress and frustration has been eliminated from our daily lives.

Thinking back on last year with all the heart aches that we went through, and living our daily lives with such toxic worry, stress, and pain, Its hard to believe that we have overcome and are given a new chance.

With Mike being unemployed, we have learned to be grateful even for the littlest things. To be humble and forgiving even if it mean biting our tongues. To enjoy our time together and cherish eachother for that time may not be there next time. To always turn a bad situation into a positive one to enjoy all that God has provided for us!

With Baby Case passing away so unexpectanlty, i beleive it has taught me to love with no restrictions. That every little person that is brought into your life is there for a reason no matter how short. And that Through Jesus we will be given to ultimate gift of seeing them again. That continuing our love for that person who is no longer here will have been collected through the years as if there was no absence or separartion. To enjoy every little runny nose and temper tantrum, to get to know my children and enjoy their quirks, rather than having no time between laundry, and vacuuming, and time outs.

With taking my trip to Chile and surviving the earthquake I have learned to be generous with my friends, family, and strangers. That one kind action causes such a ripple into lifes fabric, we have no concept of the ultimate finish, and that it is also continuous-never completely gone. I have also been reaffimed of the bounty that God has provided for us here on earth and that it is our duty to take care of it all as well as providing for our health and the planet. Chile made such a "dent" in my heart. My capacity to love was greatly increased.

I do admit, with not being able to spend the smallest dollar for over 10months, it is difficult now to still be restrained with catching up on much needed supplies, and of course a few treats here and there:) We have had an amazing time! All for now, hope everyone who reads this is enjoying life to the fullest!