Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Heat wave

Listening to the rain come down this morning has never been so welcomed as it is today. After about 2 weeks and starting the end of may, we have had some heat! It got up to 89 degree's in seattle and broke some records, and i swear it felt hotter where we are on the hill. We had to do alot of emergency watering for the sun was just too intense for our plants and flowers. Sprinkler system is out of the question so i am working on a hose quantity to disperse through our property. But everything is growing and looking great! I think the stereo type of manufactured homes being hot and stiffling is beyond and urban myth.

The girls found a dead garter snake yesterday and as best as i could, i tried to explain to them that it was dead. I pulled out the saying " up with God", and not breathing, and eyes closed for good. Well, the darn thing doesn't have eyelids so i had to cross that one off. And they thought the snake was tricking them with the not breathing part, and of course they think being up with God is a party!!! So they did their best and gave the snake some water, then they gave it some grass and dirt and then i finally interceded gently and tossed it in the farmers field. We are still working on that subject i guess.

We are still busy with projects but it looks like it may be calming down soon. All of our fences are almost done. Looking forward to trips to the beach and camping outside (maybe)