Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a fast transition from summer, to Fall, and now to Winter.......

This year with not much warm weather and time to mature, our grapes, corn, tomatoes, and some other fruit and veggies didn't produce to the fullest. But we were still able to make lots of jam from our berries, and applesauce, juice, and cider from the apples. Erawyns squash garden did awesome so we have been giving away lots as gifts, already excited for the new year to (growing season) start again.

Our birds have been doing great to the point it is now time to thin them out. We have been getting atleast 6-8 fresh eggs aday. The kids love having breakfast for dinner so that helps me out in the imagination department for dinner planning. The turkeys proved a bit harder to raise and keep from the coyotes and the cold weather. But we still have enough big healthy males to give away for others thanksgiving.

We have been blessed again with a new additiong to the family. Estelle Hope was born to Reese and Natasha on the 13th of November. She is beautiful and healthy and mom and daughter are doing great! With in our trials and sorrows in the family, we have been blessed with amazing JOY ! I don't know a better family than Reese and Natasha who are united in their Love of the Lord a nd lean on him during thier times of heartbreak. Please keep them in your prayers.

It seems so long ago that we were having a hard time last year. Because of our loving family members, friends, and good samaritans, we got through. We were loved and carried through our desperate times. But unfortunately their are still alof of families struggling. We need to still be aware that a little kindness and generosity goes along way, and can really change someones outlook during these times. :)