Friday, November 6, 2009

With not alot to do seems like we are always busy with stuff popping up and going on.

We are now back home with Erawyn getting discharged from the hospital for 2 days of fever control, infection, and hydration. I was prepared just to stick it out at home like we always do but called the Doctor just to make sure we were doing the right thing. He saw her and sent us to the hospital which i am so thankful for since i don't do well with fevers. She was farther along in dehydration than what i though so she really needed it. It was a really scary time for both her and I but i truley cherish the time that we got to spend alone together!

Now with the other two not feeling well too, we are hunkering down and trying to take care of ourselves.

With being sick last time, we had to cancel Shallons birthdy party for both sides of the family. We finally did get together and enjoyed lots of cake and treats. Since we were home bound for a bit we hurried and did a bunch of fun things before Halloween came. We got to the pumpkin patch which the kids love seeing all the colored gourds and the rows of apple trees. We took the kids out for dinner at applebees from a gift card that we got from a dear friend. They were so good that Mike and I were really proud of them and now feel very comfortable with taking them out to eat more often. Then the next day was Halloween which started at noon at our church for atrunk or treat and festival, and then off to downtown bellingham to mikes parents store for treats around the block. It finally ended at mimi and papas house for more treats and hot chocolate. A great end to a wonderful and fun day.

Mike got some hunting in before the goose season ended so he had alot of fun doing that. It is pretty nice to live where we are for all the farmers around us gave him permission to hunt so all he has to do is walk off our property and there he goes.

Well, thats all for now, still pretty pooped and have to catch up on house stuff before we snuggle on the sofa again with some movies.