Monday, July 6, 2009

summer has come

Summer has come with vengence! I think last summer we only camped out in our room with the AC for a couple of nights in August. We have already spent a week with the kids in our room at night and it is just the beginning of july!

We never say life is boring, especially with our life on the farm. We have had some very emotional ups and downs. But everyday we are reminded of how life is good and that we have eachother! We have worked endlessly on our home and property these past years, but since Mike's heart attack, we are reminded of the important things in life! With Mike being home now we have had some great times as a family.

Fourth of july was great with the Hilton's at the beach! The girls loved beach combing and playing in the water. If we lived by the water we probably would never see them. The tide was in so i know when we go back with sand on the beach they are just going to love it! While the girls played on the beach and gathered baby crabs, Marryn stood in a pail of water off of grandpa's deck and had a blast. She was cold but refused to get out for she was so enthralled with the water. We then came home with a little bag of fire crackers for the kids and waited patiently for it to get dark. They thought the firecrackers were so great! We said we needed to enjoy this time before they get bored with the little ones and we need to start getting the large ones. After the kids were in bed, mike and i stood on our patio and watched the county and the hills and lynden shoot off their big ones. How fortunate we are to be on the hill where we can watch everyone elses fireworks go off from our home.

We had a small party for Marryns birthday at Mikes mom's house. They got he girls a ball sprinkler and soccer net so we had wet girls running around playing with soccer balls. I had so much fun kicking balls at mike! : ) I think mom and dad are going to be using the kids soccer net more than they!