Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is almost here.........

Been another whirl wind couple of weeks. Haven't had too much trouble with flu season as we did with colds and coughs, but it was no where near what it was like last year.

We have a whole bunch of new additions to the family. Last time it was 2 new baby cows. Well, this time we were blessed with a new puppy named Olivia. She of course is another mini dachshund gifted to us from a past adopted parent of one of lillies first puppies. She is a doll and already has melded into the family, letting the girls dress her up in their doll clothes, and cleaning everybody up after meal time! : )

We started with 9 Rhode Island Red chicks which are now 3 weeks old and huge! I also got an incubator and tried to hatch another 24 eggs but at the end of the time period found out that they weren't fertile or died because they weren't at the right temp. That was kinda gross to get rid of 24 warm scramled eggs! We also got 3 royal palm turkey chicks which are now big too. They get kinda nasty as adults so we are thinking they will be great protectors of everyone down at the field. As much dissapointment as we have experienced, I am determined to be Laura Ingall's!!!!!!

We are celebrating Erawyns 5th birthday this weekend with her cousin Emily since their b-days are 1 week apart. Mikes family will be here and will have a good time with all the treats and cakes. Mom and dad are down in san diego for Reese's Navy Seal graduation which we were suppose to go to. But thank goodness we didn't book the air fare and hotel and car since Mike had his heart attack and had a major change of plans. Can't believe Erawyn is already 5 and we will be registering her for kindergarten on april 1st. She is insiting tha she is going to ride the school bus but I don't think I can let go that much!

Marryn hasn't had very much of a vocabulary until this week. She is saying baby, blancky, apple, and a few other words. The other girls have been interpretting for us so we didn't really think too much about it. We call her our wolf baby since with the first baby it is always so strict and by the time you get to the third, it is almost like they have been raised by a pack of wolves!

I am so happy spring is just about here. The girls and I have gone on a couple nature walksto see all the green buds popping out. We walked around to see that my mint plants that didn't d very well last year due to lawn mowers : ( is coming up with vengence. All the apple trees have been fertilized and pruned hopfully appropriately this year to give us a bigger yield than last year.