Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking Back

Got a house full of sick babies so i thought this might be a good day to get caught up on some computer time. Even though Erawyn is laying down on the sofa watching Wall-E for the umpteenth time and happy, Shallon just will not sit still. Her face is pretty red and swollen with a runny nose and watey eyes and coughing like you wouldn't believe, but she is just bee-bopping all over the place. Wish I had that kind of energy!

We are starting to calm down around here. Getting some things on a schedule so that we can adjust them into our lives. Mike is doing great! His spirits are really up since he feels well enough to complain about so different foods we are eatting, but I am glad he is here to complain! ; )

Winter just seemed to up and leave!?! After all that we went through in december, it now feels like we are done for the year? We had such a terrible snow storm that it wasn't fun for the kids to go out and play in, but since it is still early we might have another chance.

Today is a sofa day and a new year so i thought i would post all my favorite pictures that i have taken through the years before i put them on a disc for saving.