Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pups have arrived

The puppies finally came last night. Had everything ready and waiting and went smoothly till the last one. I had to have mike help me this time. If it wasn't for him and his patience, we would have lost the last one. Long story short-the last one was breach and very big. Took both of us to get it and then CPR and alot of TLC. But mom and babies are good and getting rest. 2 black girls, 1 male strawberry , and 1 longhair red girl!

The girls got their gardens going already. We got some planter boxes from mikes work and filled them with soil in the hillside and planted all of our herbs and carrots for the kids to watch grow and eat : ) Everything is perking up and coming out. My raspberry bushes are shooting suckers almost a foot away from the original so i have been transplanting them so I can have another seperate bush.

Mike went helping the neighbors fix our lane and brought erawyn with him. They have an 8 year old little girl which turns out to be her best friend now. They played most of the day and she even stayed behind to have lunch there. It was kinda neat and sad for this is going to be a turning point in erawyn and growing up! But we are looking forward to watching their friendship blosom through the years. What a blessing to have your kids friend as a next door neighbor.