Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter is here!!

Winter is finally here. Fall seemed to kinda go on for alittle too long for me. ut now with he 45 mile an hour winds and below zero temperatures, i am changing my tune.

We woke up this morning to 52 degrees in the house. Most of the kids had climbed into bed with us because of the wind storm or the cold. So we are all hudled into the livg room until our stove gets hot enough to heat the houe. With the wind though it is tough for it is taking the heat right out of the chimney.

We have had a raccoon around the neighborhood stealing ducks, apples, grapes, and ect.... And the other day we finally caught the guy. The trap had been empty for almost a month so when i was out feeding te cows i jumped when i walked by the trap for there was a very large and overweight raccoon staring at me as i went by.

Mike has also started duck hunting with the neighbor. So we are slowing filling up the freezer every weekend. He is having a great time and since we live on a hill surrounded by pastures, it is good pickins. Well, it is off to the neighbors to pick up all of our items that blew over to their house in the storm.