Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Had a family dinner with extended family on Thursday. I cooked mom's turkey in our roaster on the counter and it turned out wonderful! No brining or any other new fangled thing this year, just good old sage butter under he skin and basting. I have to say it turned out awesome! I also made a pecan pie for the first time too with pecans from Rosie down in Texas and was very pleased!

Friday morning we all packed into the van and headed down south to seattle. We had a great day at the aquarium, eatting lunch along the waterfront, and going to the childrens museum. By the time the childrens museum came about, everyone was getting alittle cranky and tired. So we decided to call it a day since we had been so busy and head out to our hotel. On our walk out of the children museum, we stopped at the water fountain that had classical music water works. The kids got a kick out of that and even though it was freezing, stayed for as long as they could to watch the other crazy kids down below dodging the sprays of water. When we got back into the car we asked them what their favorite part was and they said the water fountain! : )

Mike had told the girls about the pool at the hotel, so everyone was excited to go swimming. But when we got there they had the water heater off so the kids got dunked into cold water and then wrapped up and back into our room. But dad didn't dissapoint so when they got back to the room they kept their swim suits on and filled the bath tub.

Then everyone snuggled under the quilts on their beds with their juice boxes and watched cartoons in bed! They got a big kick out of that!

The next morning we got ready and packed up for a big breakfast at Ihop, which shallon ate evryones pancakes including mine and hers. Then off for alittle window shopping in bellevue and Issaqua and then to Aunt Kelly's for another family dinner. We got home about 7:30 pm exhausted but had an amazing time with the kids!