Saturday, February 14, 2009

Never ending winter!

Been awhile again so i better get this going. Seems as though once things calm down, another things happens and takes up our time.

We got two new baby cows from the Twin Brooks Creamery for our beef cows in the next coming years. Instead of spending money on milk replacer and shots, we got two 10 week olds already weaned and vaccinated. Couldn't pass up on a deal like that. And not having to go out in fridgid temps early in the morning to bottle feed is a plus for me. Mike brought them home on lunch. I jumped into the truck with him and headed down to the field to let them out into the pasture. As soon as we got them out and walking around, our big black cow charged them and they both took off through our 4 strand fence and fell 15-20 feet down the ditch into the creek. That was not a good moment for us. I am proud of the way i am starting to handle stressful situations, but on this day I am embarrassed to say I let out some truck driver language. : ) Mike and I both got into the water and push and pulled the little guys back up the bank and got them situated. All is well. Finally.........

Mike has been having fun cutting for future fire wood and trees that might be a problem with the wind storms we have. He is doing great and has a bit more energy and stamina these days. So sometimes it is already dark before i can get him in the house. Mike has also taking it upon himself to teach the kids to drive the mule. I try not to look. : ) But off the record Erawyn is doing it by herself with voice comand. The girl's great-great grandma passed away last week so that was a sad time for us. She was 96 and the girls were the 5 generation.