Sunday, November 9, 2008

This week went by fast thank goodness. We had another mystery sickness going around that didn't really affect anyone during the day, but at night time was very difficult to endure. Poor kids would start coughing as soon as the lights went out, so it was a switch between Mike and I distributing honey and putting on the vapo-rub at all hours of the night.

We seem to be slowing down on the projects. It is nice to have our weekends back to resting an playing with the girls. We finally had to break down and have a roofing company come out and repair some spots. It has been an on going thing for almost a year but the peace of mind now is great! Occationally Mike or I will stop what we are doing and listen to the phantom dripping that we think we hear! But thank goodness it is only our imaginations now.

Our neighbor is really into hunting brought us 2 Pheasants, deer sausage, and goose jerky. He is an avid hunter and loves to share. It is really fun to come up with the different ways to cook these treats. When we drive down our driveway we see grouse, rabbit, pheasant and deer standing in the blackberries.

We also had family staying with us this weekend so we were fed well. Terry loves to cook so he did authentic texas chili (by the gallons), pork roasts with all the fixings, Roast duck, Roast Pheasant, Pizza, and pie. I love to cook too but nothing tastes better than someone elses cooking.