Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enjoying this time

I think it is fair to say that we have started to settle a bit. There was a time of worry (which will always be there) but i think we are doing an excellent job of having a fun summer. We have been packing up the kids about every week with goodies and lunches and heading to the beach for clam digging. Everytime we go, passersby give us instructions so we learn something everytime and bring back more clams for the freezer. Mike and i have gotten in a patten where he cooks them and then passes them to me for cleaing and off to the freezer. We made a batch of clam chowder the first time went went and i got the wynia approval so atleast now i know everyone likes it. The last time we went we brought the Doctors grandson with us who had never been before. He got one clam in his shovel and off he was, shallon even got 2 clams all by herself and was quit proud. Sorry to say i have learned the hard way not to bring my camera out too much on beach trips!

Mike is my hero! He just got my new chicken house and hay shed built. All of which were of free materials that we have had here from the previous owner or from mikes collection from his previous work. Now the posibilites of decorating it are endless. I already got him to put a big planter box out front of it and looking into a little paver patio on the front from leftover paver and to cut down on the mud in winter.

All of my wildflowers and perenials did great this year so i have been busy collecting seeds for new plants and for anyone who wants some. My entry way looks like a herbalist shop so it is kinda funny with all the dried flowers and herbs hanging around. I have also been busy transplanting now that i know whee i want everything. It is way too hot but with all the plants we have, i always have a back up.

My cabbage better than ususal so the other day i made a huge batch of cabbage rolls for the freezer with the neighbors home beef and garden goodies. I hate green beans and the neighbor gave me alot of plants which i gave a try. I had fun putting up and constucting bean poles and tri pods but now don't know what to do with all the beans!

Here are Marryn's birthday pictures. Can't believe how big she is already!